Our 2 new recent  initiatives have been picked up from our website by another of our national Methodist electronic publications- ‘The Well’ - Methodist Children & Youth,  Feb 2020 issue,  which report on all the different community outreach  schemes & fresh expressions of church around Great Britain in the 21st century.

The first photo is from the video on Generations & the 2nd is Rev Danny entertaining our younger folks at supper after our very first  Friends @ 4 in January.




Two great initiatives from Ebenezer Church, Jersey


The wonderful Generations Project recently received a Helping Hand grant from the Channel Islands Co-Op, who also produced this great film to showcase the work. The Generations Group brings together the oldest and youngest members of the congregation to share fellowship and fun and is a great example of intergenerational work.


Friends @ 4 was set-up because the church recognised that traditional church on a Sunday morning isn't always convenient or appealing for families. Therefore every month the group meets for 45 minutes, followed by a light supper. Through active participation in Bible stories, music and craft activities, along with a lot of fun, it is hoped that the community will be brought closer together. Read more here.

Article in The Buzz number 187



Ebenezer Methodist Church, Jersey 




Ebenezer Methodist Church in Jersey is bringing together the eldest and youngest members of its congregation in a new club called ‘Generations’.

The idea was inspired by the Channel 4 television programme 'Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds' which examined the social and health benefits of the elderly making friends with the young.


The activities all have children in mind, however the older attendees are as excited to get involved and are often filled with feelings of nostalgia or eager to try something new.


Community lay worker, Amy Britton started the group to connect with the local community. She said the young are already making positive friendships with some of the older generation: "There's a young man called Ethan who is six and doesn't have elderly relatives. His mum was unsure if he would enjoy it but now he holds the most incredible conversations with people. I've seen mums brought to tears when they realise how much their children are giving, and getting back, from this relationship with the elderly people."

FRIENDS @  4  -Inspiring new growth                 


Our harvest celebrations this year focused on the cycle of the seasons, with an area for summer, autumn, winter and spring suitably decorated, along with all the other harvest gifts so generously donated.  As we transition from the autumn harvest, following the natural cycle and rhythm to bring us through the winter months and in to spring, we realise that nothing stands still or in its current state for very long.  As with the seasons, the shape and structure of Church is changing and here at Ebenezer we’re not standing still!


It was a year ago that we began Generations, giving children and older people the opportunity to enjoy time together; forging friendships, learning from one another and making memories.  This new initiative was built on the core values of our already well-established Pickles and Pickles Plus communities where strong relationships have been created, together with a real sense of belonging.   So what’s next?


We recognise that traditional worship on a Sunday morning isn’t always convenient or appealing to young families, so we’ve been exploring new ways of ‘doing Church’ and connecting with our communities as they balance busy lives with busy children.


From January 2020, we’re going to be introducing ‘Friends @ 4’ once a month in the Church for 45 minutes, followed by a light supper.  Our aim is to be facilitators of God’s love and a gospel of smiles and encouragement!  Through active participation in Bible stories, music and craft activities, together with a bucket load of fun, we hope to help our community grow even closer.  There will be opportunities for all to explore, enquire, create, learn, build and work together. 


As with the harvest, may we reap blessings of stronger family relationships, priceless memories and keep the tree of faith growing and developing throughout the seasons to come.


Friends @ 4 will be meeting monthly , see our Facebook page for more information.


             For further details, please email Kirsty on



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