Peter climbing Everest

A Jersey man has been scaling new heights during the lockdown and climbing Everest - without leaving his garden, to raise money for The Salvation Army’s coronavirus relief work.Retired policeman and grandfather of three Peter Picot is climbing the height of tallest mountain in the world up his ladder - almost 9,000 meters, for ‘Peter’s Ladder Up Everest Challenge’.The 64-year-old has been climbing a kilometre -that’s 1,000 meters, every day and said the idea for his Salvation Army fundraiser came to him when he was clearing his gutters one day.
“I wanted to fundraise for a charity that is supporting the covid-19 crisis. I chose The Salvation Army because they are doing fantastic work to support the vulnerable in our community at this time and they deserve our support”, said Peter. Peter’s original plan for his Salvation Army fundraiser was to collect £250 for our church and charity which has a centre on Minden Street in St Helier.But thanks to the support of his friends, family and well-wishers he is now on course to reaching £2,250 for The Salvation Army’s covid-19 relief work.
“I originally set my target at £250 and thought I’d be lucky to get to £500, but I’ve reached that target several times since then due to people’s generosity. I couldn’t have done it without my sons Iain and Richard who put it on social media and it’s brilliant that so many people have decided to donate to The Salvation Army – it’s really helps me to push through when I’m going up and down the ladder.”
Peter will be completing his ‘Peter’s Ladder Up Everest Challenge’ on Thursday 23 April at which point he will be planting a Jersey flag on the summit (his roof). You can support him by donating at his Just Giving page