News from Ruth in Malindi Jan 2020- Below photos show ceremony to unveil the plaque re. our recent donation for building of toilet block.The man in the pink shirt is the local church minister.
The big moment! Rev Ben, a parent, blessed the new toilets and the new classroom
The last photo shows the children celebrating after.
Message from Ruth whilst out there Feb . 2019:
Here is M , I assessed her as the staff were worried she did not seem to be making any progress.
She is very Special Needs so it was decided she should go to a Special Need Boarding School, in Malindi.
Here she is wearing her new uniform and with the shopping needed to go.
This cost 10,000 ksh, approx £80 which I supplied , kindly given by Ebenezer's latest donation.

News News from MALINDI JAN 2019:
 Ruth Smith is in Kenya at the moment, & has sent an email advising us as follows: 
Mary , the Social Worker here who runs Compassion International Saturday school each week, asked me to assess a girl .
We concluded she is very Special Needs....she was unable to write her name or count beyond 20, even though she is  over 10  years old , and her needs would be much better catered for at a Special Needs school in Malindi.
As this is a boarding school, the girl will need many items, such as a mattress, bedding, basin toiletries etc.....known here as ‘the shopping’ which is where your money has come to the rescue!

Compassion are paying her fees, but they had no spare cash to buy the items, without which she could not have gone!
I have used part of Ebenezer’s  donation to help cover these boarding costs.
Many thanks .
 Also, please tell the congregation your sponsored girl R      has performed very well in the exams last week.
News 2018 from Ruth Smith by email, whilst in Kenya.

The Pickles £20 must go towards some rattles and shakers for the Playgroup.....I ran out of money to get those, so that’ll be fantastic!

.Do you remember the two houses we built for two very poor families last year?
Well one house belonging to Ali, the Watchman, needs its gable end plastering before the rainy season starts in April/ May, as apparently everything in those bedrooms got soaked last season as the rain drove through the mud wall.We promised him as soon as we had some money we would try and get that seen to.David got some quotes...hopefully £100 would be sufficient to do this job. It would make such a difference.

Today I had a meeting with the Upendo Women’s Cooperative Group, assisted by a couple of men!
They have done really well with growing their flowers and trees and are ready to sell them.
Your money enabled them to fence off an area so the goats cannot nibble the new plants for which they are very grateful.
They are branching out into keeping local chickens soon,
as that will bring in money and the manure is so good for the plants

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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