Circuit on line service Sunday 9th August- Children's craft
Craft activity on ' Jesus walks on water' .2020 3 'little helpers' from our circuit prepared a very clever craft & it looked very tasty too! Starts 10 minutes into the service , lasts for 10 minutes, well worth a look.!AlwC-YtVkAiViK8sHpS1Zduho824EQ?e=aCThsf

Our church buildings are currently closed, but the gospel is not in lockdown. 71 individuals from churches across Sark, Guernsey and Jersey came together to record THE CHANNEL ISLANDS BLESSING. Feel free to share with friends and family around the world.👍

Methodist Church of Britan - PODCAST series
Thursday 7th May 2020: The Methodist Podcast The Methodist Church Subscribe A series of weekly podcasts considering the life of the Methodist Church in Britain. EPISODE 16 ON GOOGLE PODCASTS OUR ADMINISTRATOR WAS INTERVIEWED 4 MINS INTO RECORDING ABOUT OUR OUTREACH WORK TO THE ISLAND COMMUNITY. The Methodist Podcast Available episodes . EPISODE 16 ON GOOGLE PODCASTS The Methodist Podcast Episode 16: how churches have responded to the coronavirus In this week's podcast: * The UK has now been in lockdown for six weeks and during that time many Methodist churches have been working hard providing for the spiritual and practical needs of their communities. * We’ll also be hearing from the President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, the Secretary of the Conference and from the Youth President on their thoughts of how the Connexion has faced up to the coronavirus crisis. 35 min long

COVID-19. SUNDAY WORSHIP & other resources for this pandemic
Broadcast service for Sunday mornings. USE THE LINK BELOW: The service will be recorded weekly by a rota of ministers The service will be available to view from Sunday mornings on our own Youtube channel. Just click into and search Methodist Circuit Jersey UK Alternatively the link will also be available on the Circuit website home page hand the Circuit Facebook The order of service is attached if you would like to follow it If you subscribe you will probably get notification when another video has been added to the channel and you will be able to see previous services and other material which we are downloading It is still early days for our broadcasting initiative but any constructive comments would be warmly welcomed For our members who are not on line we will be posting out hard copies of the order of service. Please let me know of anyone who you think would appreciate a copy.

C I Co-op Helping Hands Fund- Video by Callum Thorne
The C I Co-op gave us a grant towards our craft purchases when we set up Generations. They visited us to film our November 2019 Generations session, so that they can display on their social media site in January  when they release the application requests for 2020. It is now live & used to promote the Jersey scheme. They also featured some photos in their large advert in the JEP on Thursday 19th Decemeber. Further photos in our PHOTOS  folder. Link below, or click on the image of Helping Hands Fund. ALSO SEPERATE FOLDER .......VIDEO.......on our home page

The Well Snapshots June/July 2019 & also Feb 2020
Dear Well members Below are snapshots of information which may be of help to you in your work with children and young people....... READ THE JUNE/JULY ISSUE WHICH FEATURES OUR 'GENERATIONS' STORY & LONELINESS; ASKING FOR........PILOT GROUPS NEEDED NATIONALLY. They also ran 2 articles again on Generations & also F@4.

Jersey Methodist Circuit
Website with information on all our Island churches. Sunday Plan for all churches and other activities, like Messy Church. Plus link to The Methodist Church in Britian & other Methodist organisations.

'Mustard Seed, Jersey'
'Mustard Seed, Jersey' is a local charity that take supplies into Romania direct from Jersey. We have supported them for many years by donating food each year from our Harvest Service, & also items knitted by our ladies for the winter months.

'Baby Sensory- Jersey', Facebook page.
Baby Classes- a complete approach to learning and development. Take place in our Hall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, by the above organisation. See Facebook page Baby Sensory,Jersey for full details.

Trinity Parish website
Our parish; visit their site to read the magazine 'Tattler' , which has interesting features & an article from Ebenezer in every issue. Also, up to date info. on parish life

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