BBC Radio Jersey- ‘Generations’:
Cathy Le Feuvre their Senior Journalist Communities, heard about our new initiative & came up to find out more !
Cathy did a recording of this latest session, interviewed some of the mums & senior citizens attending, & also Amy our Layworker. See our..... LINKS.... tab

'GENERATIONS' interview Feb. 2019 
Interview at February 2019 session of 'Generations'. Interview played at 2:39:00 on Sunday 03/03/19. To hear click on the link below, then leave it & it will start to play automatically for you.(Or on the forward play button in the circle,then on volume slide bar until you get to 2hours39mins00seconds, & that's the start of the interview) 


Generations’: The next sessions of our new inititive is on 21st March , none April (with school hols) & then 23rd May 2019 from 2.45 to 4.30 pm.

At our February session we had nearly an even number of elderly folks &  children, apporx 14 of each group. 

Giving children and older people the opportunity to enjoy time together; forging friendships, learning from one another and making memories.
During each session all ages will enjoy games, puzzles, building, craft, colouring and conversation together as well having some light refreshments. We will then read a story and learn some songs.
Place: Ebenezer Methodist Church     Times: Arrive between  2.45 and finish at 4.30                                  
Dates:  See above
…because there’s no feeling in the world quite like companionship.

This new inititive for EB. came about after some of us had seen the TV programme ‘Old People’s Home for 4 yrs. old’ on Channel 4 earlier this year.
There was a second new series on Channel 4 a few months ago, with an updated Christmas special.
It was an amazing experience for all those who took part. A great social experiment, & also the elderly folk were tested for their physical & mental health at the start, & again at the end.The improvments in their health was amazing. The children also benefited by learning to communicate & work with elderly people.
We have at least 12 young children from our 'Pickles Village' team  involved, & around the same number of adults. However, there is room for more elderly people.
So if you know anyone who lives on their own, away from family, & who may suffer form loneliness in particluar,please do get in touch with Amy our Community Lay Worker for our next sessions.

It is recognised that 1 in 4 people suffer with loneiness in their later life. The UK government have recognised this need & in 2018 appointed a minister for loneiness.

                                        See our photos album of  some of our sessions


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