NEWS - Ecumenical World Day of Prayer - Jersey

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER : This annual service has been renamed, dropping Women’s....from the title, as open to all. However, it’s  women led, & a global ecumenical movement,the only one supported by Catholic, Protestant,Orthodox & Evangelical churches.
It’s a prayer movement,a group of people for whom prayer is fundamentally important ,& that it does change things.

We will praying for Slovenia this year, & the service has been prepared by Christian women from that country  .

Different people from various churches around the island will take part . Please do join us.

    It’s Friday 1st March at 1 pm at Ebenezer, with refreshments after.      Plenty of parking .

                              Come - Everything is Ready! 
Luke 14:15-24

WDP- Our Logo
The symbol for World Day of Prayer was developed by the women of Ireland and adopted as the international logo in 1982. Its design is made up of arrows converging from the four points of the compass, persons kneeling in prayer, the Celtic cross, and the circle, representing the world and our unity through all our diversity.