Mission Statement 2021


Our Purpose and Mission

Our Purpose is:

To be enriched with God’s love and share it where people are in the community.

Our Mission in 2021 is:

  • Grow in faith through worshipping together as a family and through our fellowship and bible study.
  • Support one another in our Church family, both in person and through the use of technology.
  • Continue to build our Pickles and Pickles Plus communities and bring everyone into Church once a term.
  • Re-introduce Generations in the Autumn and encourage the young and old to enjoy fellowship together.
  • Review Friends@4 and aim to encourage young children from around the Circuit to join in this relaxed style of family worship.
  • Support our part-time Community workers in their work to build communities and create a sense of belonging.
  • Keep our website fresh and build our presence on social media.
  • Develop relationships with the Circuit & the URC and strengthen our presence in the local community through the Parish, Trinity School and the Jersey Youth Performing Arts (JYPA).
  • Continue to focus on mission giving and support for others locally and in the wider world.


Agreed at Church Council May 2021