Window to the World is a sculpture by Mel Howse, a young and talented artist from Chichester. It was commissioned by the church to mark the completion of the development project in 2008.

This 'window' is our gift of thanks for the completion of the Development Project 2008 to 2010.
The cross is the timeless symbol of the historic faith of the Church,the dove symblises the presence of The Spirit,& the flames indicate a powerful movement. The whole sculpure encapsulates what we believe Ebenezer to be, a contempory expression of an historic faith,accessible to all.
At night the window is illuminated so that the people of Jersey can appreciate the art and it’s message.

Since 2009 under this ' Window to the World' scheme, we have donated a percentage of all our fundraising activities each year to various charites.

We started with Habitat for Humanity, which was a charity formed to provide temporary housing units for the people of  Haiti, after the major earthquake they suffered in 2009.

Recenty we have started supporting the A.C.K St. Clement Education Centre - St. Clement's School , Malindi, Kenya. This is a charity which was formed by a local Jersey lady, Ruth Smith, to help African children get a better education. We have sponsored one girl's schooling for 10 years, and also given to other various projects for this school. We will continue to support this charity into 2017.

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