Evaluation form for 2016/17

2015/2016 Church Mission Statement

Our purpose is to build confident faith in God, to encourage Christian growth so that all may know God’s love in Christ, and to strengthen community life in Jersey.

It will accomplish this by;

  • Growing in our faith.

  • Supporting the work of Pickles and strengthening our links with the families involved.

  • Building our Family Worship as a bridge to link with new families and the wider community.

  • Exploring new ways of connecting with our families in a social and fun way.

  • Developing relationships with our neighbours, with the Circuit and the Parish, and strengthening our presence in the local community.

  • Growing and supporting the work of Methodist Women in Britain.

  • Continuing to focus on mission giving and support for others in the wider world.

What will this Church look like in five years’ time?

  • We will be a community Church, spirit-led and constantly evolving where all ages can grow together in their faith.

  • We will support new members to join our Leadership Team and encourage fresh ways of thinking to achieve our mission and grow our Church family.

  • We will have a reputation in the local community for loving service, open doors and acts of grace.


                                  Specific Priorities for 2016/17 are:

  • Exploring ways of reaching out amongst our Parish community, specifically Trinity Primary School and Senior Citizens.
  • Building our outreach through Pickles Parent/Carer Toddler Group.

                              Actual tasks for 2016/17 are:

  • We will use our new lay worker resource (10 hours a week) to connect with the School and Senior Citizens of the Parish.

  • We will continue to support the work of our Pickles Parent/Carer Toddler Group and our Methodist Women in Britain Group.

  • We will continue to seek opportunities to socialise as a Church family and grow our fellowship.

  • During a period of change, our Leadership Team will be spiritually led to progress the work and mission of our Church.

  • We will encourage other members of the congregation to get actively involved and use their talents.

  • We will continue to focus on mission giving and support for others in need, both locally and in the wider world.

                               Evaluation of 2015/16

  • Having held separate traditional and family services in the past and removed the pews in Church in 2015, we are now ‘worshipping together as one family’.

  • We have concluded our 8-year redevelopment to provide a suite of up to date, modern worshipping and community facilities, that are now being used by a cross section of groups, clubs and businesses.

  • Our Pickles Parent/Carer Toddler Group has grown into a supportive and caring network.

  • We have introduced a quiet, reflective time of prayer before our Sunday service.

  • Our generous congregation has supported mission work in Jersey, specifically through the Brighter Futures charity and foodbank at St Helier Methodist Centre, and in the wider world in Malindi in Kenya.

        Are there any particular challenges or difficulties that face your church?

  • Consistency in the leading of Sunday worship, which we feel is particularly important for our young families.

  • Meeting the spiritual needs of our children as they grow up.

  • The Leadership Team is very committed, but currently in full time employment.

    Are there any additional resources that you need to help you fulfil your mission?

  • From August 2017, a part-time lay worker.

We look forward to continuing our journey with a new minister and together as a united family, stepping out in faith to fulfil our mission

July 2016.