MWiB - Network

This thriving ladies meeting group meet on various Wednesdays of each month at 2.30 pm in the Church Hall with guest speakers and outings. 
Ebenezer Network welcomes all women and men to its meetings.

The 2017/2018 Programme begins in October and a warm welcome is extended to the meetings.   

Ebenezer Network is part of Methodist Women in Britain, whose mission statement includes encouraging, enabling and equipping women for the work of Christ.                 
They have highlighted and campaigned against many issues of injustice in the world. 

Our ladies have always been strong supporters of the mission work of the church, and  their pastoral care has grown over the years, to meet the needs of their more 'senoir members' ,who are only able to attend occaisionally.

During the last financial year they collected £260 to donate to visiting speakers from various charitable organisations.
And at their AGM agreed further donations of £170 to other various charites as well as £210 to EB.
A grand total of donations amounting to £640 by a small committed group of about 15 members.

Please contact Miss Joyce Perchard on (01534) 733166 for full details. 
See calendar for dates of their meetings;  2.30 to 4 pm.