Our Achievements 2014

This has been a significant year in our journey at Ebenezer; we’ve had a baptism, a dedication, a wedding, welcomed three new members and two of our stalwart members sadly passed away; June Le Rossignol in February and Edward B de Gruchy in November.  Edward had been involved Ebenezer since the early 1920’s when he attended Sunday School.  He became a member of our Choir, a Sunday School teacher and in 1943 felt a call to preach.  Throughout his life and witness, he embraced change and was always so supportive of our work with young people.

There have been a number of key milestones in 2014, but perhaps the most significant was a unanimous decision at an Extraordinary Meeting of our Church Council in September to remove all but 4 of the pews at the back of the Church, replace the carpet, clean and repair the windows and install more up to date audio visual equipment.  On the back of that came a wonderful offer of an ‘interest free’ loan to get the whole of the interior of the main church painted.  Our congregation is truly amazing; they all have embraced and supported change, even when it feels difficult, and supported our mission to be a centre for family worship.

We are a great team and long may that continue.  Sincere thanks to all who hold office at Ebenezer, to our Women’s Network team, those that help out at Pickles, our wonderful Catering Corps, organists and relief organists, bible readers, greeters, flower arrangers, transporters, our voluntary cleaners / sweepers and to everyone else in our Church family for their dedication.  We move forward in faith with the Lord.

We have had some wonderful events, some inspiring services and special fellowship.  Here’s a snap-shot of some of the things we have achieved in 2014.

Worship and Our Church Family

  • Our monthly combined worship continued in the Hall on the first Sunday of the month and we came together in the Church on special occasions, such as Mothering Sunday, Harvest and for our Family Carols and Candles Service.

  • Sadly, due to ill health, Mazel was no longer able to play and we remain grateful to Ian who has ably taken over the keys and to Catherine Baudains who helps out on an ad hoc basis when Ian is not available.

  • Rev Liz led us in a five-week Lent study course ‘From the Ram to the Lamb' and we shared communion on Maundy Thursday at a service in our Hall with members from St Martin and Eden.

  • The Rev Houghton led our Liberation Day service and thanks to Ruth Picot for sharing her memories of the Occupation, which brought a round of applause at the service.

  • We celebrated the Church’s birthday at Pentecost with balloons, banners and cake, followed by a faith lunch at Les Avenues.The water slide, treasure hunt and tractor rides are fondly remembered.

  • Our annual Lorry Ride took place on 12th July, with members of the congregation joining in the tea at Le Clos du Puits.Thanks to George and his wonderful lorry.

  •  A special Dedication Service for Luc and Hannah's twins, Ellis and Ysabel took place on 13th July.  This was also the final service before we said ‘au revoir’ to a wonderful family who, we’re delighted, have returned to the Island for visits and continue to keep in touch.

  • Paul Michel and Miranda Binet got married at Ebenezer on 2nd August and the Church was beautifully decorated.

  • We held another successful faith lunch at Les Avenues after our Harvest and although the weather was not quite so warm, the children still enjoyed the water slide.

  • The Island WI held their Carol service at Ebenezer on 7th December and the following week, our Carols and Candlelight Family Service was held and we collected £219 for Brighter Futures.

  • Our last and very poignant service in the Church before our renovations began was on 28th December when Rupert was baptised and, together with Iain and Mel, took up membership.

  • Moving forward, our new Church will allow us to worship together in one Family Service at 10.30am and there will be three consecutive Sundays of inclusive family worship.The 4th Sunday will be a one-hour traditional service,

    Leadership Team

  • The Leadership team (Rev Liz, Anne, Michael, George, Phyllis, Ian and Rosemary) met 8 times during the year and my personal thanks to them in what has been a very busy year.


  • Our Assessment increased to £18,580 pa and the Quinquennial works in 2014 amounted to £28,435, with more work to be done in 2015.Quite an achievement for our small Church.

  • In addition, we still managed to donate the amazing sum of £3,919 to various charities and our ‘Window to the World’ project in 2014.


  • Work on the hall and cottage was completed during the year; the cottage was re-painted, new guttering was put up on the back of the cottage and the wood-work painted in the hall. Yard was retarmaced in places.

  • An electrical survey was also carried out in the Church, Hall and in the cottage.

  • Of all the items highlighted in the Quinquennial report, the gutters/vents in the roof and the two south windows (which will have to be rebuilt) are the only major items of work remaining, which is fantastic achievement.

  • Our Hall continues to be used by Baby Sensory and the Jersey Dolls House Club.  The Local Preachers and Circuit meetings are now all held at Ebenezer. 


  • Emma and Becky Hunter continued to run Pickles up until the summer.It was then agreed that we would formalise the role and pay a dedicated person.

  • Ellen Gully was duly appointed as leader of Pickles from the Autumn and term began on 12th September.

  • We have a wonderful and regular group of mums, grans and carers, with 20+ children attending each week, and we are delighted that Rev Liz manages to join us most Fridays.

  • The Pickles Christmas Party and Tots at the Crib Service in December were two memorable and chaotic events and thanks to the former Connetable, John Gallichan, who did the honours as Father Christmas!

    Methodist Women in Britain (Network) and the Monday Group

  • The 2014 MWiB programme began in October with a re-dedication service and it was agreed to reduce the number of meetings with speakers in favour of more social get togethers. Has become very popular.

  • Two social afternoons were held, Colin Egre spoke on the Royal British Legion and Rev Morling led an Advent service.

  • The Monday Group continued to meet once a month.

    Trinity School

  • Rev Liz continues to develop links with Trinity School.

  • Once again, Trinity School held their very well attended Carol Service at Ebenezer on 15th December at 6pm.


  • It was agreed to support a school that Ruth Smith is involved with in Malindi known as the St Clement Education Centre.We have committed to sponsoring the education of Regina Kasena for £70 a year for a period of 10 years.

  • Closer to home, we are supporting Brighter Futures and are also continually collecting a large amount of groceries each month for the Food Bank outreach work at St Helier Methodist Centre.

  • The first of our popular Fundraising Lunches was held at the Parish Hall on15th February with the Songsmiths providing the entertainment and £1,600 was raised.

  • Guests at our second and very successful Autumn Fundraiser Lunch on 19th October enjoyed some wonderful entertainment from the Jayes Family Medley, and we raised the fantastic sum of £1,450.

  • Our fundraising team worked so hard at both these events and we are grateful to them.

    Our Vision for the future

  • Early in the year, the Circuit Leadership Team kindly offered to convert the remaining outstanding sum of £20,000 on our loan for the Cottage into a grant if we were able to present an exciting, workable and well thought out plan to move forward our work with young families. 

  • At our Covenant service on 12th January, we circulated a questionnaire to get some indication as to the needs of our congregation in terms of Christian growth and also the gifts people were prepared to offer.  A total of 23 responses were received and the main focus point to be identified was the need to continue building relationships.  This included our relationships with each other, between the various groups within the Church, with the external groups who meet on our premises and the wider community, and deepening our relationship with God.

  • The findings were presented to the Church Council on 4th March and it was agreed that we should move forward with a feasibility study to determine how the space in the Church could be best used and the costs involved in making any changes.

  • The Leadership Team set about looking at the plan and vision for the Church, what could be done, getting quotes and determining how much it would all cost.Three 3 different options were presented at an Extra-Ordinary Council meeting on 2nd September and the recommendation of the Leadership Team was unanimously approved.

  • The plans were shared and supported by the Circuit Leadership Team on 7th October, who then made a proposal to the Circuit meeting on 23rd October.They agreed our plans and to transfer our loan to a grant.

  • Given the busy time leading up the Christmas, it was agreed that the work should start in the new year.

  • Ebenezer has an exciting future ahead and I thank you all for being part of that journey.We do not travel alone and remember that ‘the power to do all these things is given to us in Christ, who strengthens us.’God Bless you all.



    ROSEMARY PARKER - Senior Church Steward.

    17th February 2015

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